For SWISSARTEXPO 2022, any artist can apply for sponsorship by ARTBOXY. ARTBOXY sponsors up to 20 artists with 1 - 4 exhibition walls, worth CHF 1500 - CHF 6000 per artist.

What is Artboxy?


ARTBOXY ( ) is a new online art platform that will enable artists from February 2022 to easily and simply display their art digitally worldwide in the various ARTBOXY partner galleries.

What is ARTBOXY sponsorship?
For SWISSARTEXPO 2022, as an artist, you have the opportunity to apply for sponsorship by ARTBOXY. ARTBOXY sponsors up to 20 artists with 1-4 exhibition walls at SWISSARTEXPO 2022 with a value of CHF 1,500 - CHF 6,000 per artist.

What does the ARTBOXY sponsorship include?

  • In the case of a sponsorship commitment, ARTBOXY will cover the following costs for you:

  • 1 - 4 exhibition walls for your original works of art at SWISSARTEXPO valued at CHF 1,500 - CHF 6,000

  • The following service is also included: sales staff on site,

  • Works of art insurance during the exhibition, guarding, labeling of works of art

  • The transport of the works of art to the exhibition as well as the hanging of the works of art are NOT included in the sponsorship and must be organized by the artist himself.

  • How does the application for ARTBOXY sponsorship work?

  • Each artist can present up to 5 works of art with his / her application. The presented works of art should give the jury an insight into the work of the artist and do not have to be the same works that are exhibited at SWISSARTEXPO if sponsorship is accepted.

  • The application fee of CHF 89 covers part of the costs of the jury provided by ARTBOXY and their administrative expenses; it will not be reimbursed.


Where and when will SWISSARTEXPO 2022 take place?
The Swiss art festival SWISSARTEXPO takes place annually in the venerable SBB Event Hall in Zurich's main train station.


  • When: August 24-28, 2022

  • Where: SBB Event Hall, Zurich Main Station, Switzerland


Important data:

  • Deadline for applications: December 31, 2021

  • Notification of sponsorship acceptance or rejection: January 15, 2022

  • Issue date: August 24-28, 2022


Other important questions:

Will there be further costs?

  • We charge an application fee of CHF 89 for reviewing your application. This will not be reimbursed. If you get a positive decision to sponsor, you will have to pay for the transport costs for your art to the exhibition and back.

  • ARTBOXY only assumes the costs listed above for the exhibition walls and the services listed

  • Commission if works are sold during the exhibition:

  • If your artwork is sold during SWISSARTEXPO 2022, we won't take any

  • Commission. 100% of the sales price goes to you!


Who can participate?

  • The ARTBOXY sponsorship is aimed at all artists in the visual arts,

  • regardless of nationality and style.

How many works of art can I show at SWISSARTEXPO if I am sponsoring

  • That depends on the number of walls that you receive as sponsorship (1 - 4 walls). One wall measures approx. 2 x 2 meters. As soon as it has been determined how many walls you have available, we will work out an individual hanging plan for your art together with you.


Can the sponsorship also be paid out in cash?

  • No, the sponsorship takes place exclusively in the form of the ones made available

  • Exhibition walls and the services listed and is only valid for SWISSARTEXPO 2022. The value of the sponsorship cannot be paid out in cash and the sponsorship cannot be postponed to a subsequent year.