SWISSARTEXPO is an art exhibition that offers talented and up-and-coming artists from all over the world a platform to present their original works of art to the public. Thanks to our concept, not only artists who have already collaborated with a gallery, but also those who are still striving for this section in their careers, can benefit. The exhibition is curated so that a great variety and a high level is achieved. Unlike conventional art exhibitions, we have decided not to provide the artists with ready-made "exhibition boxes", but to offer individual running metres on our exhibition walls. This decision was taken for the following two reasons: With the purchase of such exhibition meters, artists have the opportunity to be part of the exhibition, depending on their individual budget and with a smaller financial outlay. Exhibition walls take up less space than exhibition boxes. By saving space, we have the opportunity to enable an even larger number of artists to participate in the exhibition. In addition, the artists do not have to be on site personally to hoard their exhibition boxes, as is the case with conventional exhibitions, as we will have a dedicated and well-trained team on site to take care of the works of art. The artists can only send us their artwork, after that we organize everything from the hanging to the care up to the return. This saves the participants the travel expenses, which for many artists is the biggest barrier to participating in an art exhibition.

What exhibition opportunities are there at the SWISSARTEXPO?

At the SWISSARTEXPO, unlike at conventional art fairs, you can book individual running metres. A minimum of 2 linear metres must be booked.

How can I participate in the SWISSARTEXPO as an artist?

As an artist you have to fill out the registration form on our website to register for SWISSARTEXPO. As soon as we have received your registration, it will be checked by our creative committee and a decision will be made about the admission. In case of a cancellation by the artist after a positive decision of the creative committee, administrative fees will be charged.

Until when can I register?

The registration deadline for the SWISSARTEXPO ends when the exhibition is fully booked. We recommend early registration

Can I cancel my registration?

As soon as you have sent your registration to us, the general terms and conditions with the cancellation conditions apply. Here you can find the general terms and conditions

When do I have to pay for the exhibition space?

If the creative committee has accepted your application, you will be sent an invoice which is payable within 30 days.

How many linear meters can I book?

A minimum of 2 linear metres must be booked. You must always book the running meters in 2 meter steps, so 2m, 4m, 6m. We have no upper limit on running metres which can be booked.

Who can participate?

All artists of any nationality are welcome to apply, there is no age limit. The registered artwork(s) must be your own work. This means that the artist must have made the artwork himself and it may not be a copy of another artwork by another artist! All art forms and techniques are permitted. No pornographic, racist or ethically unacceptable works will be accepted, the decision whether a work of art will be accepted lies solely with the creative committee.

How many works of art fit on a wall?

The exhibition walls have a size of 2x2 meters. The hanging space is 2x1.80, 20cm are reserved for the lettering and your personal catalogue. For very large works of art (from approx. 1.60m) there are art trolleys available.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers.

Can visitors buy my artwork at the exhibition?

This is your decision! You can put the artwork up for sale or not. It is important that you let us know in the Info Dossier (we will send it to you after your registration) if you want to sell your artwork or not. If you exhibit several works of art, you can also offer one of them for sale and the others not. If you want to make a change at short notice, it is important that you write to the following email address: office@swissartexpo.com

What will the exhibition look like?

You will find a virtual tour of SWISSARTEXPO 2020 on the website where you can see exactly what the exhibition looks like.

I made a mistake when booking, what now?

If you made a mistake when booking, please contact us immediately. Either by email to office@swissartexpo.com or you can reach us at +41 79 788 02 02

What do you understand by a press release?

A press release reports with text and photos about the artist and the exhibition. The press release is sent internationally to the entire press world. The content can be adapted according to the artist's wishes.

Who looks after the works of art on site?

The works of art are supervised on site by the professional SWISS ART EXPO sales team. We will actively seek to sell the works of art. The artist does not have to be on site.

What are the opening hours of the exhibition?

The exhibition is open as follows: Wednesday 25 August 2021 18 - 22 hrs Thursday 26 August 2021 09 - 21 hrs Friday 27 August 2021 09 - 19hrs / ART CHARITY NIGHT 19 - 23:30h Saturday 28 August 2021 09-18h / 18:30- 23h ART PARTY Sunday 29 August 2021 09 - 19 hrs

Where will the exhibition take place?

The exhibition takes place in the SBB Event Hall in Zurich Main Station, directly below the angel sculpture NANA by Nikki de St. Phalle.

Does SWISS ART EXPO take a commission on sold works of art?

No, the SWISS ART EXPO does not charge commissions on sold works of art. The artist receives 100% of the sales price, abzüglich eventuelle Kreditkartengebühren, depending on how the buyer pays

Do I have to be personally on site during the exhibition?

No, the exhibition and all works of art are managed by the professional SWISSARTEXPO sales team. We will actively promote the sale of the works of art.

Who organizes the transport of my works of art?

The artists themselves are responsible for transporting the works of art to and from the exhibition and for the hanging of the works of art.

Are my artworks insured during the exhibition?

The works of art are insured from the time of acceptance of the hanging until the time of removal of the works of art.

What costs do I have to expect in addition to the booking fee?

The only costs incurred in addition to the booking fee are the transport costs to/from Zurich.

How many visitors will the exhibition have per day?

The SBB Event Hall at Zurich main station has a daily throughput of over 80,000 people. Zurich's entire main railway station attracts around half a million visitors every day.

What happens if my artwork is damaged during the exhibition?

We will inspect each work of art for damage upon arrival. If something is damaged during transport, we will contact you immediately to find a solution. Of course, we will immediately record the damage photographically for your transport insurance. It is highly recommended to include insurance during transport. Insurance is usually not expensive. Should your work of art be damaged during the exhibition, we will also contact you immediately to discuss all details and the next steps. Of course we will clarify the damage with our insurance company immediately!

Can I choose the specific wall on which my work of art will hang?

No locations in the exhibition can be selected. The creative committee will put together the exhibition. If you book several exhibition walls, they will of course stand next to each other, so that you can present all your works of art together.

How does the labeling work?

Each work of art is labeled as usual at the bottom right edge. In addition, we will place two QR Codes underneath the lettering. The two QR Codes can be opened with any mobile phone camera and link the visitor to the artist's website and his "statement video". We will take care of the hanging of the labeling in order to guarantee a consistent image of the exhibition.

What is the Statement Video?

Every artist has the possibility to send us a small video. This video can be filmed easily with a mobile phone or professionally. It should be a short video of maximum 2 minutes in which the artist explains his works of art briefly, or tells about his inspiration. It should be a video, which can bring the artist and his art closer to an interested visitor.

What are QR Codes?

A QR Code is the modern version of a barcode. It is a two-dimensional graphic which, when scanned with an ordinary smartphone camera or QR Code scanner app (available in the official exhibition app), opens certain information such as web pages, videos, photos, etc.

What exactly can I show in my personal exhibition catalogue?

In your personal exhibition catalogue you can show works of art of your choice. The catalogue will be structured as follows: page 1 = cover page front side 2 = cover side front inside (not printable) Page 3 = Statement Page 4 = Your work of art Page 5 = Your work of art Page 6 = Your work of art Page 7 = Your work of art Page 8 = Your work of art Page 9 = Your work of art Page 10 = Imprint Page 11 = Cover back / inside (not printable) Page 12 = Back cover We will print 10 pieces of your catalogue. 1 copy will be on display at the exhibition and can be ordered. We will send you the other 9 copies. If you want to publish your catalogue with an ISBN number (without additional costs) is up to you.

How does the sale of the personal exhibition catalogue work?

If you decide to publish your catalogue, it will be available on www.artboxpublish.com and at all booksellers. You have the possibility to set the sales price of your catalogue higher than the minimum sales price of Euro 18.90. If you set the price higher, you will receive the difference to your set retail price in addition to your share of 10% of the minimum sales price. For example: The minimum retail price is Euro 18.90, but you want to sell the catalogue for Euro 25. So you would get 10% of 18.90, so Euro 1.89 plus the difference to the retail price Euro 6.10, then your share per sold catalogue would be Euro 7.99 in total.

How does the sale via ARTSY work?

If you book our marketing package, we will present five of your artworks on ARTSY for 1 year. ARTSY is the second largest art online platform worldwide with over 1 million verified buyers. Only galleries can present artwork on ARTSY. If a buyer is found via ARTSY, we will contact you immediately and put you in touch with the buyer. You handle the sale and the transport yourself.

How much does it cost to exhibit at SWISS ART EXPO?

At the SWISS ART EXPO you can book individual exhibition meters. The price for an exhibition meter is CHF 500. The exhibition meters must be booked in steps of two (either 2 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, etc.). In addition, we charge a one-time fee of CHF 150 for the personalized exhibition catalogue and CHF 150 for the lettering, guarding and insurance of the works of art, as well as support during the exhibition from our sales staff and integration into our exhibition app.

Will there be media releases?

SWISSARTEXPO will regularly publish press releases and work closely with a major media partner.

Who is the organizer of this exhibition?

The exhibition is organized by ARTBOX.GROUPS GmbH, Switzerland.

Can I display business cards at the exhibition?

Unfortunately it is not possible to place business cards on the exhibition area. To make sure that visitors can still take your contact details home with them, two QR codes are printed on the label of your artwork, which can be opened with any mobile phone camera. One of them will link the visitors to your website, the other one to a "statement video" created by you. We will also display your personal art catalogue directly next to of your exhibition wall.

How can I find out if my artworks have been sold?

If someone shows interest in your work of art, we will contact you and handle the sale professionally for you. We do not take any commission on a sale! However, any credit card fees will be deducted from the sales price (usually 2-5%, depending on the credit card).

When do I receive the money of a sold work of art?

The money will be transferred directly to you as soon as we have it in our account. Normally this process takes 2-4 weeks. We do not take any commission, the entire selling price will be credited to you! However, any credit card fees will be deducted from the sales price (usually 2-5%, depending on the credit card).

How does it work if I want to exhibit a sculpture?

If you want to exhibit sculptures, you can book a special sculpture place. Write to us at the following address: office@swissartexpo.com, we will gladly make you an offer.

How long does it take for the creative committee to let me know if I've been accepted?

The Creative Committee will meet for the first time in December 20 and review all applications. After that you will receive a decision within 7 days.