Is Qi Beauty Natural?

Working with the face from a wholistic perspective means every contour and feature is considered during every treatment. Magnetic gradients allow us to manipulate facial volume to where it needs to be by lifting, sculpting, and creating volume below the surface for a natural and healthy appearance. Qi beauty is completely needle-free, pain-free, and is safe for people of all ages. *Standard Magnetic warning applies to people with pacemakers or pregnant women.

How does Qi Beauty work?

The greatest sign of skin deficiencies - that is ageing - is the loss of energy. Governing energy to maintain qi and skin health recovery signifies youth, we know that health can be recovered with energy. Qi beauty works on the surface of skin using gauss specific gold plated Micro-stimulators to create controlled magnetic gradients that function below the surface to connect, energize and restore homeostasis to skin deficiencies.

How does Gold work?

Qi beauty's gold-plated micro-stimulators are gauss specific, designed specifically for skin. Gold Particle Alchemy assists with healthy skin pH and is known to be brightening for skin.

How does Qi Beauty lift skin?

Specific Magnetic Gradients created by the Matrix applied to skin, facilitates the movement of intrinsic compounds to define facial features, reduce heavy jowls, lift the brow, reduce facial sag and the loss of volume.

How does Qi Beauty sculpt?

Specific Magnetic Gradients direct the movement of natural compounds to where they need to be for the best anti-aging results. Once a Matrix is removed, volume remains in specific facial areas. These volume stores give a natural, prolonged healthy appearance.

How is Qi Beauty customized?

Qi beauty treatments are customized upon facial analysis. While the matrix might appear the same in photos; magnetic gradients, acupuncture points and facial meridians vary for every client. A Treatment is customized at the time of consult depending on desired outcomes, presenting skin conditions, and progression of treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

Qi beauty guarantees results after just one treatment. All Qi beauty International™ before and after photos are after one facial treatment. Depending on age, presenting skin damage, and desired outcomes, Qi beauty can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and needs. Treatment courses of 6 - 10 deliver a noticeable improvement in the health of skin and recovery of skin energy.

Can I have Qi Beauty before my wedding?

Qi beauty is the best treatment to have the day before, or on the day of your big events. A healthy, vibrant and holiday-worthy glow is a guarantee.